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PEGAIR is an aerial partnership between Toby Harriman, Planet Unicorn & Aerography to bring you a high level of Aerial Air-to-Air, Drone Production, Creative Direction, FAA Certified Drone Pilots, Coordinators and Experience.

Our Aerial Team, Toby Harriman, Matthew Lavin & Jaron Schneider have a vast combined experience operating and directing many different types of aerial platforms, from small drones (UAV) to custom built heavy lift drones that can handle RED systems, shooting handheld from open door helicopters, coordinating and operating a RED mounted with a Cineflex or Shotover, shooting from airplanes or if you are feeling something unique is in store we can rig something custom for your special or have a huge network of creative professionals that we work with from time to time.

We are based out of California, San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Anchorage, Alaska & can work all over the country as well as international.

Contact us today, we look forward to collaborating.

Aerography Pegasus Aerials
Toby Harriman
Toby Harriman
Aerial Director & Camera Operator
Matthew Lavin
Matthew Lavin
Pilot & Aerial Coordinator
Jaron Schneider
Jaron Schneider
Production, DIT & Observer

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Production and Licensing for Short Films, Documentaries, TV Shows and more.

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